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Price Changes Coming

The prices of our materials will change on May 1, 2015.  If you would like an order form or 2015 Catalogue  with new prices, go to "About SLS" above, contact us and request one.  We won't change the prices on the website until April 30.  Order now.  It's a good time to save money.      

Check Out Winter Newsletter

Our Winter Issue of Food For Thought is up.  One article is particularly important.  See for yourself.  The Spring Issue will be out in April.  

Try Our Online Student Activity

On the bottom center of this home page you will find free interactive instruction and practice for students starting the Stevenson program. Check out "The oa Friends in Action."

Un-guessing Games

While guessing is a common, natural reaction when students are trying to learn new reading material, it can become a big problem for some. Many struggling readers persistently use guessing, often impulsively, in place of trying to figure out words.

Kind Words from New Jersey Teachers

Those of you who are responding to our ad in the New Jersey LDA newsletter may want to check out this article from our own Food For Thought.  


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