Introduction: Scope and Sequence

The Program is a very carefully selected sequence of building blocks. Each language unit and each skill is used to create a solid foundation for learning subsequent material. A mastery approach is built in. Thus, each student’s reading and spelling vocabulary grows at a geometric rate without the halting progress or gaping holes that often occur when skills are taught in isolation.

Using the Stevenson Program in Grades 6-12

This version of this information piece is temporary. We have recently published two important new books: The Overlapping Strategy Teacher’s Manual and The Overlapping Strategy Student Book. Most teachers of students in Grades 6-12 who use the Stevenson Program will need these books. This information piece is being rewritten to include discussion on applying the new materials. In the revision, we will discuss four groups of students you see listed below. Most students will fall into Categories 2A and 2B, and you will apply the Overlapping Strategy with them. For now, we can suggest you use similar categories from our information piece entitled Using the Stevenson Program in Grades K-5 to help you select materials. Although the details will differ, the list of books will be the same when the new 6-12 information piece is complete. You may also call us at 1-800-343-1211 and ask for a consultant if you would like help selecting books.